Are you smarter than the average United Methodist? Dads edition

We invite you to take a short quiz to test your knowledge about fathers and some of the men who shaped The United Methodist Church. We encourage you to share the link with friends, too, so you can compare scores later.

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1. Who is remembered as the “Father of Methodist Missions”?
Thomas Coke
Francis Asbury
Charles Wesley
Richard Whatcoat

2. Which of the following is true of the “Father of the U.S.” George Washington?
He is recognized as the “Father of the American Foxhound”
He owned more than 30 dogs.
His dogs included three named Tipsy, Drunkard, and Tipler.
All of the above.

3. True or False: The first Father’s Day church service was held at a Methodist Church.

4. Which dad was the longest serving bishop in The United Methodist Church?
Bishop Escrivao A. Zunguze
Bishop Elias Galvan
Bishop Emilio de Carvalho



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