Africa University was a turning point for Great Plains pastor/professor

Pastor Israel Kamudzandu

Now an associate professor at Saint Paul School of Theology and pastor of Omaha Living Hope UMC, Israel Kamudzandu was one of the first students at Africa University, founded by the General Conference of The United Methodist Church in Mutare, Zimbabwe.

After training as a teacher at Nyadire Mission, east of Harare, Kamudzandu was encouraged by Bishop Christopher Jokomo to enroll in the Faculty of Theology. When he did so, in 1993, Kamudzandu was one of 14 students in the faculties of theology and agriculture.

“My first week at Africa University opened a new vision … that would see me embracing the global village,” Kamudzandu recalls.

“It was a dream come true. Africa University became a place of new dreams, not just for me, but also for many students from all over the continent of Africa.”

As part of our Black History Month features, the United Methodist News Service looks at Africa University and how it helped Kamudzandu and other students like him.


This article comes from the February 21, 2018, issue of GP Connect.


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