9-11 Prayer

GRACIOUS GOD, we come to you as people living in a troubled and sad world, a world of violence and terror.  We pray for all those who are and who will be involved in fighting a war that seems to have no boundaries and often just makes no sense.  We lift up to you those who have lost their lives and who will lose their lives in the fight.  We lift up the families who anxiously wait to hear news from loved ones who are far away, engaged in that fight.  We pray for those families who will receive that news – but it will be terrible news.  We pray that you will bless our leaders and leaders of the world with the presence of your blessed Holy Spirit.  Give them wisdom, strength, and courage.  We do not seek so much to understand as to believe – to believe in your goodness and to believe that you do, indeed, have the whole world in your hands.  In Jesus’ name we pray,  Amen.

Grace and Peace,

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