3rd Grade Bibles!

child-reading-bibleTraditionally United Methodist churches award Bibles to third-graders.   Every year, in congregations across the United States, third-graders line up at the altar rail to receive their Bibles.

Elkhorn Hills United Methodist Church had their Bible Sunday on October 4th.  Congratulations to these third graders who received their Bibles:  Tava Bergman, John Graeve, Aidan Jackson, Madelyn Snyder, Eric Sutton, and Madilyn Tillman.

Third Grade Sunday School at Elkhorn Hills UMC is all about the Bible.  Students use their Bible each week.  They learn how the Bible is put together, how to find their favorite stories, learn about the authors of the books, complete projects that help them understand the Bible, learn songs about the Bible, and have fun doing it!  Marlana Walla teaches Third Grade Sunday School, and she is amazing!  The B-I-B-L-E.  Yes, that’s the book for me!

Click here for information about the United Methodist Church and Third Grade Bibles.


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