Posts from January 2016

Bible app

The YouVersion Bible app has been recommended by a member of our church as a free, simple way to bring God’s Word into your daily life. It provides on- and off-line reading, will read the scripture to you, has provisions for sharing, and is available in many different versions and languages. Also, it has lots of studies and meditations.


There are many ways to communicate with those closest to us, so too there are numerous ways to pray. Prayer is placing ourselves in the presence of God. Spend some time developing a richer prayer life by finding what works for you. This will allow you to re-energize your conversations with God.

2016 Youth Winter Retreat

The theme and message for the 2016 Youth Winter Retreat weekend was Armor of God. Thirty youth and chaperons attended the weekend events, and various members of our congregation joined in the evening worship on Friday and Saturday. Lynne Henneghan of Next Step Ministries and our Elkhorn Hills Youth Praise Team led the worship. This is the fourth year that Lynne has attended our Youth Winter Retreat, and it was a reunion of friendship, fun, and a spirit-filled time.

YES-Mission of the Month

The January Mission of the Month is Youth Emergency Services. YES Developmental Director Allison Brown-Corson spoke to the EHUMC congregation on January 17th about how YES serves the homeless and at-risk youth population of Omaha and the various ways we can help. Click on the link to learn more about Youth Emergency Services.