All Church Barbeque

All church barbeque

Saturday, July 25th, the Youth will host an all-church Barbeque after the 5 pm worship service.  This barbeque is a “thank you” to the congregation for their generous support of the Heartland Hope Food and Hygiene Drive, which was organized by Karissa Heckens, Kadi Carleton, and Darla Langendorfer.  Come join us in worship and praise and then stay for a fun, family barbeque!


Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, salads and drinks will be provided.

Mission Challenge

See the post about the Youth Mission Challenge.

Heartland Hope Mission

hhm-logo-hrzlHeartland Hope Mission (formerly Mission For All Nations) is a faith-based 501(c) 3 charitable organization founded to provide food and clothing and promote self sufficiency for people in need.  We focus on serving the working poor and low income families while creating an environment where lives are being changed instead of fostering dependency.

Low income families are provided with a 7 day supply of food including food appropriate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They are able to choose all of their own canned and boxed goods.  All of the frozen meats, produce items, and dairy items are packed by volunteers.  Personal hygiene items such as toothpaste, toilet paper, and shampoo are also available for people to choose from.  Information about other resources in the community is also made available.  We provide the basic necessities to people in need so they can use their limited funds to pay their bills.  It is much cheaper to help prevent families from becoming homeless than to rehouse them.  Simultaneously we try to help families move into a position where they are once again self sufficient.

Additionally, we provide clothing, household items, and toys at no charge.  People in need are able to choose the items they want for their family.

Click here for more information about Heartland Hope Mission.


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